Strength Training Can Be the Key to Maintaining Your Weight
You don't have to spend hours sweating on the treadmill every week to keep your weight in check. Experts say that regular weight training may burn more calories and fat than aerobic training. How? Strength training with weights increases your muscle mass, and the more muscle you have, the higher your basal metabolic rate or BMR will be. Your BMR is the rate at which your body burns calories when you're at rest. So the higher your BMR, the more calories you burn. Research has shown that just a single pound of muscle tissue needs 30 to 50 calories per day to function. So when you work out with weights, you're not just burning calories; you're turning your body into a more efficient calorie-burning machine.
Are personal trainers really worth the extra money?

Absolutely! If the trainer is motivating, educated, and dependable, you bethca! Even the fittest of athletes have personal trainers. We all need someone to hold us accountable, to motivate us to be motivated, at work, at home, and in life! If you are not achieving your goals on your own or if you have hit a plateau, talk to a trainer! At least take advantage of a complimentary consultation. If you walk out fired up and ready to change your life for the better - you have found the trainer for you, and you have answered your own question! Remember destiny is not by chance it is by choice, and insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results!!!

Staci L. Boyer
Master of Fitness Sciences
Master Trainer